(U4.01.00) How to read the documentation of commands

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commands: This note is a guide of reading of the U4 booklets and U7 of Manuel d' Utilisation.

She explains in particular the meaning of the méta-characters and the typographical conventions used for the description of the syntax of the commands.

All the examples given here are given as illustration and do not replace the full description of the commands appearing in the booklets U4 and U7.

1 Rappels on the syntax of the commands of Code_Aster

the process control language and its supervisor are completely described in the document [U1.03.01]. One recalls here some notions on syntax of the commands of Code_Aster.

In Code_Aster, one understands by the generic term of commands at the same time the operators, the procedures and the macro-commands of the process control language. An operator provides a product concept typified (by the operator) and named by the user. A procedure does not generate a product concept, it achieves actions such as printings or resource allocations.

In the example below, one recalls the vocabulary which is used in the description of the commands.