(U4.54.03) Operator THER NON LINE MO

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1 Drank

Compute the nonlinear steady thermal response with mobile loading.

This operator allows to solve the equation of steady heat in a mobile reference frame related to a loading and moving in a given direction and at a velocity [R5.02.04].

Nonthe linearities of the problem come as well from the characteristics of the material which depend on the temperature, as boundary conditions of type radiation.

The problems of this type can be treated with models using of the plane, axisymmetric and three-dimensional structure finite elements.

The product concept by this operator is of evol_ther type as for an analysis by THER_LINEAIRE [U4.54.01] or THER_NON_LINE [U4.54.02], but it contains one sequence number since a steady computation is carried out.