(U7.05.21) Procedure IMPR RESU (FORMAT 'MED')

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1 Drank

To write result computation in a file with med format. One describes of the command all keywords IMPR_RESU [U4.91.01] concerning this format of output only.

One can write with the choice in a file with med format:

  • a mesh,
  • fields at nodes,
  • fields with the elements.

At the time of the writing of the fields by elements to Gauss points, one also writes the localization of the elements of reference (coordinated and weight of Gauss points).

MED (Modelization and Data exchanges) is a neutral format of data developed by EDF R & D and the French atomic energy agency for the data exchanges between computer codes. The data which one can exchange according to this format are the meshes and the fields of results with the nodes and by elements. The MED files are binary and portable files (leaning on the library HDF5, Hierarchical Dated Format). The writing of results in one med file allows any other reading, computer code interfaced with MED the results produced by Code_Aster via command IMPR_RESU.

2 Syntax

 #Syntaxe of procedure IMPR_RESU to format “MED”
 ◊UNITE=unit ,
 / “OUI',
 /RESU =_F (
 ♦ | MAILLAGE= my, [mesh]
 | /RESULTAT= resu, [sd_resultat]
 ◊/NOM_CHAM=l_nomsymb , [l_K16]
 ◊/NUMÉRIQUE_ORDRE=lordre , [l_I]
 /NUME_MODE =lmode , [l_I]
 /NOEUD_CMP =lnoecmp , [l_K16]
 /NOM_CAS =ncas , [l_K16]
 /ANGLE =langl , [l_K16]
 //FREQ =lfreq , [l_R]
 /INST =linst , [l_R]
 ◊ | PRECISION=/prec , [R]
 /1.0D-3 , [DEFAULT]
 / “ABSOLU”,
 /CHAM_GD =chgd , [cham_gd]
 ◊/ NOM_CHAM_MED=l_nomcham , [l_K64]
 / NOM_RESU_MED=l_nomresu , [K8]
 ◊ CARA_ELEM = carele, [cara_elem]
 / “IMAG”,
 # to print some fields of “data”:
 /CHAM_MATER = chmat, [cham_mater]
 /CARA_ELEM = carele,
 ♦MODELE= Mo [model]
 /CHARGE = charg, [load]

3 Operands FORMAT and UNITE

3.1 Operand FORMAT

Operand FORMAT makes it possible to specify the format of the file where to write result. Format “MED” means with procedure IMPR_RESU that result must be written in a file with med format.

3.2 Operand UNITE

Defines in which unit one writes med file. By default, UNITE = 80 and corresponds to the unit per default of the rmed type in astk.

3.3 Operand INFO

key word INFO when it is equal to 2 makes it possible to obtain information on the printings carried out by the command.

4 Key word IMPR_NOM_VARI

This key word is useful in the case as of local variables. When it is used and that the printing of a field VARI_* was required, it is in fact a field VARI_*_NOMME which will be printed. This field will have of the components whose name will be based on the catalog of the constitutive laws used in computation. If two constitutive laws have common local variables, those will be amalgamated in a single component.

5 Key word RESU

This key word factor makes it possible to specify the results to print and the format according to which one wants to print them.

5.1 Operand MAILLAGE If result is a mesh (operand mesh [U4.91.01]), the data deferred in the results file to med format are:

  • the list of the nodes: number, name, coordinated,
  • the list of meshes: the number, name, type, name of the nodes,
  • the list of the number: nodes groups, name, many nodes, names of the nodes,
  • the list of the number: mesh groups, name, number of meshes, names of meshes.

Note : In one med file, there is partition of the nodes and meshes according to the groups. A partition corresponds to a family MED. In one med file, the groups are distributed within the families: families of nodes and families of elements are thus found there.